5 Tips for buying a property in Medway in a tight market

January 20th, 2022

In a market with low supply and high demand, buying a property can be tricky, here’s what to do.

Properties aren’t on the market long at the moment in Medway and buyer competition is high. So, here are 4 tips to securing a property in a tight market:


Get a mortgage agreement in principal and know exactly what you can afford. Need help with this? Click here.

Offer Wisely:

Do you have the extra money needed to bid competitively? You will need more money to land your dream home in this current market.


nIdentify areas where you wish to settle that has lots of stock on the market. Looking to buy in Medway? View my area guides here Chatham | Rochester | Walderslade

Estate Agent:

Contact all local Medway Estate Agents to make sure you’re on their buyer’s list.

Closing Date:

Make sure your submit your best and final offer if there is a closing date as there will be no chance of negotiations.

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