Be More Energy Efficient, Save Money and Help The Planet

February 18th, 2022

Top tips for home energy savers in Medway

With energy bills increasing, the cost of living rising and your home’s energy efficiency becoming increasingly important. Here’s some simple ways you can easily save money, help the planet and get your Medway property ready for sale. When improving your energy efficiency at home most people think about the big jobs, such as new double glazing, a new boiler, insulation, even solar panels. But there are some quick and easy ways too. Switching to energy efficient LED bulbs is a great place to start. By doing this it’s suggested you could save upto £240 on bills per year. For your heating. We all love a warm home but just by reducing your thermostat by 1 degree will help reduce your bills and you will hardly notice a difference in temperature. Make sure to bleed your radiators every now and then to ensure air is not taking up valuable hot water space in your radiators, and plan the layout of your room to maximize heat circulation, don’t cover radiators will large furniture. Blocking drafts and using your radiator thermostats are great ways to keep heat in the rooms you use the most and stop it from escaping. To the kitchen now and when cooking make sure to cover your pans, this will help reduce cooking time and in turn save energy, and when your making a hot drink, only boil the water you need rather than a full kettle. Most dishwashers and washing machines have eco settings, be sure to use them. Leaving your tech on stand by when not in use is a way to waste energy and money, use smart plugs to set a schedule for when they come on and off.

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