6 Tips to Staging Your Living Room in Walderslade

May 6th, 2022

The living room is probably the most important area in your home. It’s the most inviting room in the house and the space where you do most of – you guessed it – living.

tips to stage your lounge when selling your home in rochester tom dix estate agent

Some people can struggle to sell their Walderslade home and one reason can be because their living room isn’t up to scratch. It’s the area where you want potential buyers to walk in and be able to visualise themselves relaxing.

Many homeowners hire professional stagers to come into their home and get it all ready and in stylishly tip-top shape before viewers walk through the door.

However, you don’t always need a professional stager to come into your Walderslade home to get it ready. You can easily do this yourself.

So, here are 6 tips to get your staging right:

  1. Update your furnishings: Consider replacing your dated curtains and furniture to freshen up the room. If you have old-fashioned furnishings or mismatched items that clash too much, this can put potential buyers off, so act now to avoid that happening.
  2. Get painting: If your living room has any walls that feature bold or loud colours then a fresh lick of paint will help neutralise the room. It may not be your cup of tea, but bold colours and shades could be the reason why you’re not getting any offers. It’s so important to make your living room look clean, fresh and open. The way to do this is by stocking up on the white, cream or grey paints.
  3. Tuck them away: If you have wires or cords sticking out from your TV, lamps or electronics consider tucking them away. One of the most unattractive things a potential buyer can be faced with when walking into your living room is the sight of a lot of tangled wires sticking out from behind your TV – so it’s time to get them tidied up.
  4. Hide your photos: Make sure to de-personalise you room by hiding family photos. Personal pictures can distract buyers during a viewing. Sometimes the viewers actually KNOW the people in the photos and they start chatting about them rather than the house they are there to see. So, take down those personal photos and, instead, replace with artwork and stylish mirrors.
  5. Clean up your coffee table: Declutter your coffee table by getting rid of your old magazines. A messy coffee table is enough to put anyone off your living room, so remove old newspapers and magazines and instead put some nice flowers in a vase in the centre.
  6. Less is more: Remove any unnecessary furniture from your lounge to help open up the room. You want to make sure your living room looks spacious and inviting. Too many unnecessary items can put off a viewer and can make the room seem smaller.

So, if you rarely use that footstool, those corner tables or never switch that corner floor lamp on, get it all tucked away somewhere and open up your living space.

And, just like that, your living room is ready to be viewed!