Ways To Keep Your Property Up To Standard

January 8th, 2023

Here’s some things for you to do to keep your property up to standard.

If you have a boiler make sure it is serviced annually, boilers and central heating systems can be one of the most expensive things to fix in a home so to ensure that doesn’t happen to you keep it serviced so you don’t incur that cost.

One of the biggest causes of damp that we see is overflowing gutters or broken gutters and what that will do is cause damp into your walls in your home. This could be something that you might not see yourself but over a period of time can be very costly to fix.


If you’re having any home improvements done such as new windows or electrical installations ensure you get certificates for those. Extensions, planning permission and building regulation sign-off. If you do come to sell in the future you’ll need to have those ready, that will be something that your solicitor will ask for.

Some really really simple ways of keeping your home up to standard is to use drain cleaner. If you have a washing machine get the washing machine cleaner and dishwashers as well again this is something that you might not see but it can build up and can be very costly to fix.

One of the hottest trends at the moment if you are thinking to improve your home is a kitchen diner and that open plan living space that’s really popular in the market at the moment so if you make changes to your home in that effect it will benefit you.

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