9 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Walderslade Home

March 11th, 2022

What are the things I need to avoid when selling my Walderslade property?

In order to achieve the highest price possible in the quickest time when selling your Walderslade property, avoid these 9 things:

  1. Don’t neglect curb appeal. We all know that feeling you get about something and that is the same when searching for a property to buy. From the moment a buyer arrives from the outside, a positive first impression can make all the difference of them liking the inside. By de-weeding the drive, jet washing the path and cutting the front lawn, this will ensure buyers get that first impression that makes them wanting to see more.
  2. Don’t overprice your home. The key to enticing viewers to come and view is the marketing price. Truthfully, the marketing price bears no relevance to the value, its sole job is to get people through the front door. Outpricing your property in comparison to others for sale in the Walderslade can have a huge negative impact on the entire sales campaign and your property could sit stale on the market.
  3. Don’t skimp and save on your photos and marketing. In the modern world we live in 95% of buyers will first see your home online. This is why the quality of marketing and the strategies used by your Walderslade estate agent is key.
  4. Don’t neglect any repairs. The last thing you want to do is make a buyer remember the things in your home that they will need to rectify once they move in. Simple repairs such as a leaky gutter or flaking paint will get your viewers remembering your property for all the right reasons.\r\n \t
  5. Don’t hide any problems. The likelihood is these will be picked up on a second viewing or through a survey conducted by the buyer. This will only delay things or worse still increase the risk of the buyer withdrawing from the purchase.
  6. Don’t over personalise your space. Buyers like to visualise themselves living in the home. The easier you can make this for them the better their impression will be.
  7. Don’t show up during viewings. It should be the estate agent or you conducting the viewing, never both. If you are in your home whilst an estate agent is showing a buyer, the buyer will very quickly skip past whatever room that you are in as they’ll feel awkward.
  8. Don’t present a cluttered house. Space and light can be absorbed by a cluttered room so de-cluttering before photos and viewings is essential. Your estate agent should provide you with advice on what to do.
  9. Don’t ignore advice from the professionals you employ. A good estate agent, solicitor and mortgage broker will be helping you with their invaluable experience and advice, emotionally detached from your situation they will be best placed to walk you through the process and help in making important decisions.\For information on how to stage your Walderslade home for marketing and viewings click here.